Crown of Artemis: Replicated


Me, and two other people recreated the Crown of Artemis. It took about two and a half days. Here’s a pic;

This build was originally posted by Mama Food Supply, and was created by Dancer95.


I suggest adding more light to the yellow spots when zoomed out. Then it looks marble white. :wink:


The replication wasn’t perfect (some blocks are missing)
The lighting isn’t perfect (you should visit the crown at atmos for a better picture of how Dancer did the lighting)

Great effort though


I love how unoriginal this is. Liked. :smiley:


Did you run this by the original builder or just steal the design?


It is a shame that you guys chose to spend all that time replicating something that was unique and beautiful instead of creating something new. It shows your determination and persistence, but not, in my opinion, the best use of time or talent. I also think it is a bit disrespectful to MFS and Dancer95 who presented it as something special on that server.


I hope you don’t take this personally but I thought rather differently. The original build was extraordinary, but I thought this was a sort of tribute to the original CoA. Of course credit is due where it is due (which it is) and OP probably should have asked MFS & Dancer beforehand but I saw it as a respect? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I get what you are saying, and everyone has their own opinions about this. I believe that when someone takes all that time to design and build an original building like that, they meant for it to be a unique piece… not a franchise. I understand that there was no disrespect intended – probably replicated because they were wow’d by the original or wanted to try their building chops on something so grand; however, I do feel that some things should be it’s own thing. I would put this in that category.

But I know people will disagree. I just feel bad for the original builder. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing your creation (something you really love) built quickly, as if it were nothing, on another server.


WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOOW! that looks so nice


Dancer spent countless hours planning, building, tweaking, and re-doing her design to come up with the finished Crown of Artemis, which will always be one of my all-time favorite creations. I hope you guys realize & appreciate the amount of work that went into the original. It’s much more than just placing blocks. :slight_smile:


Jeez and I thought I was decent.


I agree with you ThuThu 90% because if someone replicated a thing I worked hard years and years to make i would be proud that someone decided to waste their time just so they can have something they really love in their own world. This is an advantage to cloudbanned and poor internet people to just re build their favourite things in single player so they can experience it and appreciate it more. :slight_smile:


I love the moon at the top!


I realize there are a lot of comments regarding a few things, and I apologize.
I truly mean no disrespect to the original builder, and I understand it took time to create and plan and everything, and I respect one who takes time to create these amazing pieces and it simply isn’t just placing blocks. I also understand everyone was not trying to be rude in anyway when commenting, and I am grateful for that, I just wanted to try to clear everything up.
Also, I have realized it is not a perfect replica and lighting could be much better, but this was a difficult build. Anyways, I again apologize for any kind of misconception.


Which server is this?


I think that deep inside everyone knows that the intention of these bashful comments is disrespect. How could someone steal this design? Let me give em a piece of my mind, that’ll show em. Like come on guys, last time I checked, people were free to build whatever they want, so what if it has been made before? Are you worried that they’re stealing your recognition? Isn’t it recognition enough to know that your work has reached people in the other ends of the world and left so big an impact as to make them want to recreate it? What do you want a dusty trophy buried in the back of the forums for? If anything you all should be happy that this incident brought attention to the original piece in the end, because everything has to be about you right? The comments are 90% humiliation and shaming when the whole point of the forums is to have a supportive community, which obviously can’t be considered a family, in which you can share your hard work and determination. What do y’all think of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas? Or the countless replica items and figurines in your desks and tables? Everyone knows that the one in Paris is the real deal, but that does not take away from the intended purpose of the other one.


I don’t think something like a build in Blockheads can fairly be compared to the Eiffel Tower fairly, all I did was ask if he got permission or stole it, not to be rude. Many times people accuse the original owner of a design for stealing it because of people who actually copied it, not saying it is reflected in this situation. I am personally not one to rebuild things unless it has a template, because people with templates want their builds to be remade for sure. I don’t have any disrespect for the original poster though.


@Zitro My comments were not bashful or disrespectful. I stated my opinion about the build (which is, after all, EXACTLY what forums is about-- i.e.people discussing topics/opinions/experiences). I don’t regret what I said and I even acknowledged that I’m sure plenty of people might disagree with my opinion.

I do, however, take exception to you saying that I was disrespectful, intentionally shaming the OP, and that the reason I have issues with this is because I am harboring a need for unshared recognition.

First, I wasn’t shaming or humiliating anyone. I said that it was a shame that good builders don’t build their original creations.

Second, I don’t believe I was disrespectful. I said that nothing they did was meant to disrespect the original builder.

Third, I don’t think that someone who designs and builds a unique creation needs to share recognition for their original design with other people who copy it. That’s precisely my opinion.

I am allowed to be impressed by people’s original work. I am allowed to be somewhat disappointed that talented builders don’t build their own work.

I am not upset with you or your opinion about the matter. I do think that you could have been more delicate and even-tempered when presenting your counter-opinion. Saying things like “because everything has to be about you right?” is not a good way to steer the conversation in a positive manner.


How can anybody think an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is an adorable thing?


Which server is this