Crown of Artemis: Replicated


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Thuthu, Thuthu, Thuthu. Of course you are not to blame for any of this. If you felt that my accusations did not apply to you, it’s because they were not meant to target you specifically. I never said that every single person that commented had negative things to say, I was talking to those that fit the description. And to address your points:

Of course this would have been directed toward the original builder, but since you are the one expressing your opinions and not them, then it definitely is you who has a problem with this recreation. And is that really not what this is all about? If you didn’t “harbor a need for unshared recognition” then what would be the point of your strong disapproval of this new piece? What need would there be to call these people out for what they have done? Also:

1 &2) Here are the specific examples

3rd I never said the original builder had to share the recognition with the one that copies it, I said that the act of recreating the piece in and of itself extends the credit awarded to the original builder by bringing forth the original creation into the public eye once again.

Next) yes, of course you can express your thoughts, and of course we are all encouraged to do the same.

Finally) I do agree that I could get carried away in my presentation of ideas and offend somebody, but that’s the beauty of the English language as I was told by a wise person in the past, you can say absolutely anything you want to anyone, as long as you use the appropriate words
and tone… I’ll keep that in mind.


The post you quoted was directed at the OP, I can’t tell what you meant by quoting it because of the broken quote codes getting in the way, confusing things up. Can you please clarify?


@Zitro, I may not be understanding what you meant by this… but as I said, I don’t think that the original creator needs to share recognition for something he/she created. That was my point. They CREATED it. I don’t think that re-creation is some type of compliment. I just don’t.

I absolutely don’t think it is meant as some intentional slight either. I know the people who build it only do it because they love the original work. But I still think that it can be a serious bummer for those who created it originally, only for it to be copied somewhere they had not intended for the build to live. (And having been on the receiving end of having my build copied on a server in a building contest (!), I can attest to how lousy it felt to be told by admins that I was the one copying the other player and then banned for even suggesting the other player would do something like that. I have also been on the receiving end of being so proud of something I made and within 5 minutes of it being shared, being asked to have it copied on three different servers. Maybe I can’t explain it well either, but it literally took all the happiness of sharing something I really thought about for days, built and rebuilt, and shared in order to bring people my server and interact with them… and just kind of deflated all my intentions in the span of three emails. I knew none of them imagined that was how it would make me feel. They are all nice and kind players, but I literally can remember exactly where I was and exactly how sad it made me two years ago. It was a bummer.)

Back to the post, I don’t feel like those comments by the other posters were shaming or disrespecting the builders here. Foil said the build was unoriginal or not original which it isn’t. But that he liked it. Bree asked if the build was credited, and MFS was stating that the original build took a LOT of creativity and sweat equity.

Anyway, Zitro, thanks for clarifying what you had written. I appreciate it. I get where you are coming from. Maybe my examples will explain where I am coming from too. :blush:

@TheBlueDay, I know rebuilding this amazing and enormous creation shows a lot of hard work on your part. I can’t wait to see what you create yourself. You certainly have the know-how to build something wonderful.


Aw Zitro, that’s really quite rude :disappointed_relieved: I know you’re a nice guy, and Dancer is the sweetest, kindest person you’ll ever meet - all she wants is a heads-up in advance if someone wants to replicate her build.

Some people are super happy to have their work reproduced, but some wanna keep it special and one-of-a-kind and I think they’re allowed to make that choice! :slight_smile:

@TheBlueDay I’m sorry if my comments were hurtful, and I’m super excited to see what you make next! Plz keep sharing!


I was just using a metaphor to explain how I felt, a dusty trophy simply means that it is something that you created and were proud of a long time ago but wouldn’t have any relevancy in the present day. I understand the respects that should be paid to the original creator, but really that’s just common sense. Of course we should all respect each other, so that is why I will still apologize to anyone and everyone that got the wrong idea about anything I said, even if I know my intentions were pure. It’s a shame debates like these always have to end in apologies from both sides, but how else can we grow and learn to understand each other better? Maybe we could try to really evaluate the effect our words or posts will have on others before we act, but that’s easier said than done huh… we can at least try :sweat_smile:


I really LOVED the Picture even is not yet done nothing wrong with it right they could just repost the done part the important they working together not like me lonely working with pixel art, moving on and not everyone who has talented making that biggest crown of Artemis! I hope you pay attention how much a lot of work and effort they do not only in whats missing problem even if it just replicated, they inspired me how they do that and most importantly they work as a team! :slight_smile:


Gollee!!! That is amazing! I might not have time like that anymore. :open_mouth:


Tell that to @Dancer95 :wink: