ok,so i made a cryogenic freezer to freeze my blockhead, but all i did was freeze it so much that she cant break out or place the water in, i managed to break her out, but how would i make a permanent one with ice,
ps. there were doors either side so i could get out, but i couldnt move


Cryogenic freezer? Whats that?


Do you have ice torches? Build a box and fill it with water then put your blockhead inside, then get another blockhead to place a bunch of ice torches around the box to keep the water frozen.

You could also do a really complicated elevator method I did once, but this “freezes” then inside of glass blocks.

Step one is to make a powered elevator going either up or down from where you want the frozen blockhead. Place a trap door one block above or below where you want them to be frozen, above if the elevator goes up and below it down. Then place 2 glass blocks where you want them to be frozen. Using the d pad go in the elevator through the trap door and then have a second blockhead remove everything except the glass blocks you are stuck in.

You could use ice instead of glass but then you’d need ice torches and might as well do it the other way.


Thanks, i tried that, but then someone robbed the ice torches, it worked tho


basically it freezes things and preserves them, like if you freeze a person and in 200 years they wake up. except its impossible to do so only in the movies


It can be used with human cells though. Reproductive science uses it a lot.


Wait but why do u want to put them in cryogenic sleep


Humans or Blockheads?

For humans, one reason would be to preserve someone until a cure has been found for their illness - Speculatively.


I meant block heads


The questions forum is just for Blockheads questions. Other questions go into Off-Topic.


Very true