Currency on Server Bot?


Heya I was wondering is someone could do a step by step of how to do the Server Bot currency on here?
I have been trying for a while and have been doing something wrong :joy::joy::+1:t4:


@Bibliophile will help you.



I have a working server bot thank you :blush: i was asking specifically how to set up the currency. As it does not specify it on the thread. @agentpinkdog


Are you sure? It has to say it somewhere, right?


thats what I thought?!?!?


The banking extendtion do you have it downloaded?


Yeah. I’ve put in all of the details and then I do the /ADDDAILY and everything and make admin bankers and yet everyone’s currency account always stays zero.


Weird i could fix it if it was mine but since it’s not I can’t really do anything


You have to set up a join message for everyone that does /adddaily.


well you need to add the amount that you want it to add…