Cursed Images Contest

Hey there! This is the cursed images section. Basically, you can post here anything that is “cursed” (cringeworthy), whether it’s a video or Picture. Who posts the cringiest wins!
I’ll start;


That’s one weird looking spider…


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Embrace yourselves

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What is this? LOL.

@Zeekiel Post some cursed images with us-


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Oh god

Oh my god…

He sang too close to the mic.

Thought I would bring this back, but anyway I have made this. :wink:

The Blockheads Forums in 200 years.

Did you notice something odd with the blockhead?

Yeah, I did.

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how about milla?

You mean miiia? :wink:

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haha funny

Whelp… this is a feature.

image dog

Pnder Eortal