Custom made html welcome pages

Hello, I am tykodey, and I make custom html pages for servers, complete with: music, backgrounds, custom fonts, support for landscape and portrait with different images, and pretty much anything else you may want. And, best part here, it’s all free for you! all I ask is for my name to be listed in “credits” on it. If you want to see an example, I am currently working on POTATO45

Staff & Contact is empty currently as the owners have not given me the information required to put there.


Yeah! both of the ones I’ve made have music, you can find them both on

Sorry that it’s just a dir list, I’m still making a display page

Do note that Neko’s world has no information on it since I just started making it

Yep! If you want to see the in game result you can join the Potato45 one, you should be able to search it by name. It may look odd on a tablet as I dont have a tablet to work with.

You can’t actually play music on the in game welcome that I am aware of, so I forward the in game welcome to my website since it acts like a web browser

It’s actually quite fun to make, exept when you are missing a singular “;” in your css and you start tearing your hair out when you don’t understand why your html isn’t working

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People sometimes play music on their welcome messages with a music service that lets you embed music as html. :slight_smile:

Oh cool! mine works with the html player playing a file on the server, so it wouldnt work directly in the welcome

How do you do it the music thing

Thanks for removing it, I would have asked but I hit my daily post limit yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

The music is done by playing audio files off my server with the HTML audio tag

Oops @tykodey, you forgot that we can’t post consecutive posts within an hour. This might be why you reach the daily posting limit as well, if you use the @ button to tag people then you can respond to multiple people within the same post. Perhaps you should edit one of your posts to contain everything you need to say and then delete the other.