Custom Ranks


This is a small idea I had when I was bored. What if we, the players, could make custom Ranks on our servers? We would be able to choose what they do, and their color on the chat (Ex: Deputy; Red chat color, Kicking ability and WM editing, but no banning.). What do you think?


I don’t feel the need.


Best way to trick players into thinking a suoeradmin is in game!

It’s a nice idea, but you can use the message bot for that.


Yeah, this has been suggested TONS of times. Lol. I doubt they’ll add this soon or later. I guess its good since it’ll teach the owner how to be responsible for being the owner. Thou adding WM editing options for admins would be nice.


Really? How?


Manpages, but it is very limited.


Good idea. Though I would put a 5 different rank limit so they don’t create 200 different ranks.


You can?


Looking back at this, it does have potential. Perhaps it can be added and pulled off nicely, I do like the existing positions how they are at the same time though.


I think a Welcome Message Editor would be a good rank for those like myself who just want to help and give someone a good welcome message, but unfortunately since they need admin to edit, most owners are suspicious and dismiss offers as scams.


You want anybody you never met before to be able to fiddle with your welcome message without prior notice? No, thanks

Edit: just ignore this post. I wrongly assumed you were talking about cloud wide ranks🙈


Again, it’s up to you entirely what Ranks you’d create with the rank creator. Just think of the possibilities.