Custom Roles

There should be a option to make a custom role.

For example:
If I don’t want mods to ban people on my server, I want an option to remove their permission to ban people.


Seems like a good idea but whats the point of them being mod if they don’t have any power. I understand what you mean by editing it but who can edit this sort of stuff admins? Owner? If you take away all there powers they’re basically just a player with a coloured name.

If I want a mod that wants to edit the welcome message for me, I want to give them the permission.

Or take away permission to edit the welcome message from some admins.

Edit: only owner should have the permission to use /admin and /unadmin because some admins spam.

Ahh ye that makes sense. I feel like something like that should have its own kind of rank. Like how theres admin and mod have a rank between them. In that rank the owner would be able to decide what they can do and cant do because if you take away an admins ability to ban as an example if something urgent comes up and the owner isnt around theres going to be problems.

Yeah, it can be either good or bad depending on the circumstances.

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That’s the problem.

so basically a custom rank?

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Yes, I don’t know if it will work though.