Custom rules lock


This needs to be added… Sometimes custom rules are changed by admins without your permission, and sometimes by admins that are rogue.

So i am suggesting a custom rules lock, this would apply to all custom rules.

In world options you would find “Rules lock”, it would normally be set to red which would be off, but when on green or on it would prevent admins from editing the custom rules.

This can also be set in the owner portal, but this would be an owner only feature.

Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread

Reverse green and red


Although you should trust your admins, it doesn’t hurt to have more power to customize your world and permissions how you want them. Good idea.


Never play on custom servers but seems like a good idea


I still believe that if you can’t manage your admins then it’s not a shortcoming of game.

There are plenty of times when I am on a server alone and need to modify settings briefly to do work on that server. I always change it back immediately when another player jumps on (so there aren’t any issues).

I guess I’m not entirely against this (though I believe it is not necessary). I just have a guttural dislike for suggestions that involve sidestepping owner accountability when it comes to vetting their staff.


My server is custom


Um okay? Good for you i guess?


You said to not play on custom servers


No I didn’t


I’m pretty sure she meant she didn’t, rather than nobody should.




Oh @milla and @Brooke.xo sorry for the misunderstanding.