Custom server ip and port


So you have the custom Ip and Port function for Servers but is there a way to actually make your own?
Does it require a device or system of some sort to run whenever online?
I’d like to find out to get creative and see what I can do :upside_down_face:


I think you are talking about the server that is run on a Mac. @222oreo333 has one of those and will be able to help you.

You can also create a cloud server using the app on an apple or android device. Whilst on the BH homescreen swipe to the “create” icon and go from there.


If you have a PC you basically can’t. It stinks :confused:


There is a Mac server app on the Apple app store. Install that on any Macbook or iMac, and you can create a server where the data s stored on the comouter, not the cloud. It will also require configuring your router. There are people who can help with this.

I’ve written a guide to help get people started: