Customizable Weapon

This idea completely changes the tool bench. When you use it, you’ll see all of the tabs for making tool, but the tab for flint spear is replaced with a tab that says ”make flint weapon”. When you click on it, you see a grid with a red pixel. You can select “flint blade”, which places the pixels for the blade of the weapon, or you could select “handle”, which places the handle. There are certain restrictions. The red pixel has to have a handle pixel on it, all pixels must be attached to the red pixel, the more handle pixels you have, the longer the range, the more blade the pixels you have, the more the damage, finally, the more pixels you have, the slower the swing of the weapon. This works with every material, including steel and tin.

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A real clever mechanic!

how about crafting time though? Would it be longer with more materials used, or would it depend on what it’s made out of? Both?

Each pixel cost 1 shard (5 shards per ingot) and adds 4 seconds to the crafting time.

It seems a bit too complicated, but I like it for the most part. :slight_smile:

I guess there could be three default weapons. The sword, the spear, and the hammer.