Dark: Pixel arts! Mostly from SP worlds


These look great :star_struck:


Why did you reply to me?


Probably a mistake.


That is soooooo cool! Might have to make one of those myself :wink:


Yum! Where did you make these?


I made this in my single player world since I’m technically lagging sometimes and I have one successful single player world I made it there its survival and a lot of pixel art coming there I making most little pixel art :slight_smile:


awww that loooks so yummy @DARKHORSE :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: great job!


I love it! I’m going to use it as my avatar next time around :slight_smile:


Thank you! Glad you liked it :rabbit:


This is nice pixel art, Dark.


Thank you and glad you like it :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late upload I planned this before for Milla majic raccoon :wink:
I’m just making or crafting a lot of luminous plaster blocks for stocks who will be like to buy or me used for pixel arts :wink:

Here you go for another @milla’s favorite pet a raccoon isn’t lovely :blush:

It was actually a sunrise background but I think a captured a moonset background for Cutie Raccoon :lol:




Thanks less time to no needed to embedding lights in our pixel art before now you could just have to replace the block to glowing luminous plaster block :wink:


You should give it an orange shirt and a blaster. Rocket Raccoon would be proud! (It’s not a trash panda)


I’m was planning to make it another raccoon and the next is not only a normal raccoon it would be a special Rocket Raccoon from Guardian of the Galaxy :wink: maybe wait for it soon!


I love it!


Ahh I missed all of these somehow
I love all your pixel arts!!!


When he posts Crocker… Oh boy it’ll be amazing.



Later I was in the vacation lately the day I was doing the Crocker pixel art I’ve suddenly offline to go somewhere and now I’m back :wink: maybe later I’ll just have to really finish it right now and soon as possible I’ll post it here the Crocker meme :lol:

Edit: I would like to thank you Milla you loved it :slight_smile: and Caelestis glad you see my pixel art and thanks for spamming of your likes for my pixel art :blush: I appreciated guys!!!