Dark: Pixel arts! Mostly from SP worlds


30minutes later the Time comes!! Probably you guys already know this pixel art because Brother Rabbit spamming this as a meme :lol: and I know Milla would like this too because she said to Brer hours ago “I do” hehe now moving on!

Everyone! I would like to present from Brer meme picture Crocker from Jungle Junction! Crocker pixel art meme holding a sign too says Happy 3year from UNIHORSE. Server! Here the zoom out picture

Sorry I edited the picture but I hoped you like it :slight_smile: here’s another zoom in.

Sorry I only post the head but it’s okay you can see the whole body in Unihorse server in 3 year partay station from the 34TC left side away from the spawn.
Requested: @Brer-Rabbit here you go your Crocker meme picture now is a beautiful pixel art and I’m sorry I stole it from you hehe :lol: Thanks to all thanks for liking it!!




Cough t-pose cough


Yeah because I really copied from Brer picture spamming it in memes lol so I do the t-post :lol: