Dark storm: A building community

Hello I’m the owner of a builders world called dark storm. I’m working on a massive build and going to touch the sky limit and go all the way down to lava. I would love for builders to come and build. I want this server to become one of the best but I need help with that.

This is the massive build I need help on


What are the rules?

Can I help? What block for the background of the build and is it painted?

Also is Dark Storm the name of the world? And that looks so cool!

Welcome to the forums, Dark-Stone!
I like the build so far! Also, it would help to add in details of the server, such as rules, if the server is custom, and if the server is private.

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Can you zoom in on the smaller builds? Those look incredibly intricate and nice!

Yes pls just go to the server and if a admin is on just say owner send you

I will make another post for my spawn and other building

Keep things about your server on this topic! And you should reply to multiple people using one comment like this:

@Dreams Yeah here’s my cool spawn posted correctly in this topic!

@Dark-Stone blah blah blah whatever you want to say

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Can I help mine?

Thank you I’m kinda new to this

yes that"s the name and the background is black glass and you can help just join the server anytime and if a admin is on it then say owner sent you

You just said thank you and proceeded exactly what she told you not to do :thinking::thinking:

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Hello Im building a group of players who are gifted in building. If you would like the opportunity to join just join my server dark storm. If you build something nice and are willing to listen then I would love to have you on my team. There are so far four members including me who are gifted at building. There is gonna be a max of 10 people so message me soon. Bye have a good day.

Hello and I don’t build very well

I am here for replying post lol

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This isn’t off topic.

It is off topic this would not fit into any other topics

Litteraly general discussion.


Pretty sure this should be under your server’s topic.

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@Dark-Stone, it looks like you have three separate topics referring to your server. Instead of doing this, just use one topic categorized as #multiplayer titled Server World: Dark Storm, and post directly onto there. Make sure to include as much information as possible there, and you can keep the topic updated when necessary by posting announcements such as this.