Dark theme for the fourms


Everything has a dark theme now, why not the forums?


Love it!

Moved to the meta category since this is about the forums. The suggestions category is for the game. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we need a dark theme!


i don’t use dark theme #light theme best


which is why you’re swarmed on discord whenever you post a picture with light theme in the background.
Ahhh the sun. My favorite thing to stare at while I type in letters of the alphabet


I am now part of the dark theme for blockheads forums association


looks around for the dark theme discord inception pics

I hereby nominate Blockheads forums for dark theme transition.


But I like the light theme on the forums…the Sapiens forums already has the dark theme, go enjoy it there. :stuck_out_tongue:


ehh,why not a poll to see how it goes?

  • dark theme
  • light theme

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I think if we wants to add dark theme here,its better to have a toggle to let the user choose between light or dark theme


That’s what I want.


We will have the option to switch between Dark and Light theme…


Apple’s WebKit engine supports a new CSS Media Query that is good for making websites work with Dark Mode on MacOS. I personally hope this gains support with more operating systems. If the forums had a dark mode, I personally would want it to automatically use the dark mode colors based on my computer’s theme with this query. Discourse may have to implement this though.


We can use extension for Google Chrome too…


I thought that they already did.


Js CSS and HTML is a very portable language and it should work on any updated devices.I even saw some people doing a light/dark theme toggle as a project for fun.
Here is a link to Discourse’s post on dark/light theme on 2017.


We have new technology on MacOS, possibly iOS later this year, and I just found out that even Windows 10 lets us set our theme on the operating system.

I personally do not want to have to click a button to set my theme on every website I go to when I already told my computer what theme I want. This is now possible to do, and I hope every website starts using this technique instead of a having a button to change the theme.

I’m talking about just HTML and CSS, I meant the Media Query:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {


Last I checked, Chrome on MacOS doesn’t change the webpages theme with this media query, but some other browsers do, and chrome will likely start supporting this if the haven’t already.


This is a part of Discourse.


The technology for MacOS is the theme,it does not reflect on how websites are displayed.
And this technology is already implemented in Discourse,and it should be universal to all browsers.


It absolutely does, the developer of the website just has to make their site compatible. If they use the media query, the browser will change the website display according the the CSS rules they provide.

I have created a sample webpage to show that this does work. The current MacOS browsers that support Dark Mode that I used are Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Firefox Developer Edition, and Firefox Nightly.


This is the code that I used:



Well only works for Macs for now eh