Dark theme for the fourms


Hence that’s why I said:

However, according to the Mozilla Developer Documentation, it also works with Firefox for Android, and I am sure support will increase since Dark Mode is becoming popular.


Thats why CSS exists,as a portable language that can be used by any device,even if the OS does not have that feature,developers can still implement them into their websites like Discourse and Discord did.
Don’t get me wrong,choosing from the OS in wayy easier than changing the settings in the website.
I think this is getting out of the topic,we’re talking about Discourse here,not OS implementations.


We are talking about Dark Mode for the forums. We where both discussing which method we thought was better. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dave created the existing theme because that’s the way he wants it to look, but I will raise this with him next time we get together.


Has he ever looked at it during the night by any chance?


Maybe his mum just does not care about the treacherous bright glow under his bedroom door in the middle of the night?


I accidentally put light theme


haha it’s fine :sweat_smile:


The forums represent his brand. It’s about that brand.


I totally understand and appreciate keeping the brand in tact.

Would it not be possible to have a darker theme of the brand?

For example, if you go to the homepage for theblockheads.net, the background color for most of the page looks like this:


This color is still part of his brand but is darker and more pleasant to see at night. Could this not be the dark theme background color?

Also, it seems to me, in my opinion, that the brand has changed slightly. The current style of the forums feels like it matched the old homepage more than the new one. The new one jfeels a bit different now, and the forums site was updated before the homepage was updated after 1.7. Any style changes to the homepage would not have carried over to the forums in that case.


I have already said that I will raise this with Dave, so I’m not sure why you’re trying to debate this with me


I suppose this’d be an interesting addition, and cooler if people could choose themselves. But I would kind of think people would’ve suggested this much earlier if it were that important to them. I do like the option, but opening that option would depend on the amount of people using it. I can’t imagine a constant asking helps either.

But either way, do people like this light theme? I see the poll, but people would be able to choose the dark theme anyway, right? If not, it’s not fair to those who like the light theme.


I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to raise a debate. I was just providing more ideas. I have no way to know when you meet with Dave, I actually already thought you did.


No, I haven’t seen him in the last week.


I like the idea of having the option. Personally, I like the lighter look, because it distinguishes the BHs Forums from the Sapiens Forums – easy to immediately see what app is being discussed.


Options are great, why not? I don’t see any reasoning for it and I can’t imagine it messing up any formatting. I would still use light mode because most websites look better using it (Discord NOT included @GoodGradesBoy)


The only downside is it’s Dave working on the forums, rather than, say, an update to fix the blockheads launch bug, or Sapiens.


Maybe he can put it farther down on his priority list…


which means it going to take forever for the change :sweat_smile:


Exactly! It’ll never happen! Yay! :sweat_smile: