Dead Game, Community Isn't Entirely Gone

Well, it’s been about 2 years since The Blockheads got its last update. There’s very little activity from the developers regarding this game. I think they may have shut down production of it. I see so many servers shutting down because of the new update, and the most people of seen on servers at a time was 8. When I played back in 2017, I used to see over 15 people on EVERY SERVER! I want to see updates again, I have SO many ideas! So, let’s get this topic seen by Dave himself, and SAVE THIS GAME!


Yeah, a lot of people feel the same way. Sadly, the game is pretty much long gone. There’s no more ROI for it according to Milla, and Dave is working on a new game that takes up most of his time. :cry:


It sucks, too. I practically GREW UP with this game.

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My server got to 10 the other night I think it could easily get to 16 soon I hope the only reason the game is “dead” is because people think it is


What’s your server? I’ll join.

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It has a thread here I will invite you to it

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Please do.

2015 - 2017 were the golden years.
I remember having the thrill of being on the front page of the server list myself. Though more updates would be nice, but I doubt it will happen since MajicDave’s first priority is sapiens.


It’s “dead” in the sense that the game is far from the peak that it was at in 2013. That doesn’t make the game any worse though.


like @GlassRose said but also with something but a personal wisdom from me added onto it

all good things come to an end, that’s why they seem to go by so fast


Yes Let’s save The blockheads game and I have to much works in my buildings but we have to save the game it’s so much fun with multiplayer friends that will be enjoyable. :slight_smile:


Should we tell other people about it? Word of mouth?

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NO, Don’t let it die!! It is very much entertaining. I think many older people like it too, just keep a simple version going. We don’t need all the fancy do-dads… Thanks


Nobody wants it to die, but all good things come to an end eventually. The developer has every single bit of focus on developing a new game called Sapiens. The Blockheads isn’t going to immediately go away. It will likely receive maintenance if necessary, but I wouldn’t expect much else. Even a simpler version of the game might take some work. Even then, I assume that people would want access to all of the features that are in the full version. :slight_smile:

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

-Dr. Seuss


Maybe one day…

The games updates are dead. The community is still alive, so to speak.

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As alive as it used to be?


Wait, how?

No, but it’s still… going?