Death x_x

What about death notes:


There could be:

  • burned
  • froze
  • has been killed by (animal/player)
  • fell from a high place
  • drowned
  • ETC…

You can turn death notes and tutorial tips on/off on the main menu

Pros: This is cool

Cons: This could be spammed

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Personally, not the best idea.

Once someone died, every person on the server would be aware of that, which would in turn, create a new type of players who just wait for people to die, and then steal as much valuables as they can, perhaps there should be an option in which you may choose whenever your death would be publically announced or private.

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I suppose it means that it is more entertaining (somehow), possibly a feature that would improve the game, give it a bit more features and gameplay mechanics, and generally be a mild convenience, however, i still am unsure of how said improvements would be added by this feature.

You can do this in chat with the message bot.

I Think Thats A Cool Idea

Is This A Refrence To DDLC? XD

For that we should have a option to turn on/off this feature to show death notes or not.