Debug Command Found


I have just found a new command, which is /DEBUG-LOG. It displays some unusual stats for the current world you are at.

This command can be initiated by Mods and Admins. Regular players can not unfortunately.

Strangely enough, such command was never documented neither on here nor The Blockheads Wiki. Today I had the chance to document it though. :wink:

/debug-log cmd

Err… Wait what???

What do you mean by “unusual stats”

Edit : O-O

What is loaded macro blocks


Probably larger areas of world that have been de-fogged. Not sure though. I’ll find out.


Loaded macro blocks is exactly what it says it is… it is the total number of macro blocks which are currently loaded by all players in the server.

The lowest number this can be when a server is online is 1, spawn is always loaded. (Even with no one online)

A macro block is a 32x32 set of blocks – ever run into lag walls which come in chunks? That’s a macro block not loading.

Now as for what free macro blocks is… no idea.


Nice Find!
I just ran it on SGE with no one online and got a lot of zeros. I take that to mean that since no one was online there were no macro blocks loaded and therefore no objects such as trees, rails, plants, etc to report.

Still, very interesting! How on earth did you find it, what made you think of typing /debug-log ?


Nice. <wanders off mumbling>


Oh by the way, the command works on Single Player worlds too! You just have to “host multiplayer” and then execute the command in the chat box.

It has some potential usefulness too: If you zoom all the way out on a 1/16x world, you will essentially be loading all the macro blocks of that world. (Well, if you’ve explored it that is). So you can get an idea of how developed your little world is.

I also just ran the command on SGC with around 5-6 people online.
Memory Usage was almost 1GB! :eek:


Nice find!
I’m just curious what are glowBlocks? I always assumed the gem-in-block was a glitch and not intended to be in the game.


I’m going to venture a guess that “glowBlocks” are blocks that are receiving some form of light source other than the usual daylight.

I just ran /debug-log on SGC a few minutes ago with only 2 people online and it showed 179 glowBlocks.

Interestingly, with these 2 people online, I saw this: netBlockheads:7
I guess this means that between the 2 of them, they had 7 blockheads. Could either be (5 and 2) or (4 and 3)


Bib thought those might indicate any square with a gem on them. Not necessarily covered up.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I wonder if Dave could give us a general overview that might help us identify potentially laggy areas.

I ran it with a few players on Arena:

memory usage: total:713.41 MB resident:190.04 MB share:15.58 MB
loaded macro blocks:246
free macro blocks:0
total objects:15926
local blockheads:0


LOLOLOL Exactly Joe. Ha ha

Can this log be used to help identify hacked/duped/illegal items? Just wondering. Would be nice for owners to know if their world has such things on it by others…

And are these counts the objects only placed? Or does it include inventory in chests or baskets?


Good Questions.
No clue on the answers though.

Identifying unknowns, etc. would potentially be useful though.
Sorta like a report that says:



Ah, good point Juju. I’d wager that safes and chests do not count, but perhaps it counts basket inventory. I say this because I know Dave changed storage items to not load the contents until you accessed them. This eliminated the loading of the contents of every safe in every meta block in memory.

We also noticed last night, with about 3 people online, we had over 3000 ladders loaded. I didn’t even know there there many ladders on my whole server. They really aren’t used that much. But perhaps some of the players had quite a few in their inventory, in addition to the few hundred that we saw in various places. This would be pretty easy to confirm on a newer world where you know exactly what has been placed. Anyone volunteer? I laughed when Bib examined my handcar park above spawn and the rail count jumped dramatically.


I just tested that, inventories do not count.

And glow blocks… Are confusing. I’m not sure what they are now… They aren’t gems…


Dang. I was hoping that glow blocks wer going to be a TC block count. Heh

BTW, the command works on Mac servers as well.

Edit: yes Skeeve, it’s up. Just gotta get it ready now. :slight_smile:


Oooh… Maybe glow blocks is a combined number of tc? Or maybe glow blocks is number of unknowns? Or maybe glow blocks is number of light sources other than sun? We may never know


Oooh… Maybe glow blocks is a combined number of tc? Or maybe glow blocks is number of unknowns? Or maybe glow blocks is a number of light sources other than sun? We may never know

Edit : Glowblocks, I suppose, could be yellow blocks…


i have a dumb theory on the glow blocks: glass blocks with gems on them :tongue:


THat seems like an obscure thing for Dave to keep track of.


I am wondering what npcs: are?