Debug Command Found

Non player characters. Aka mobs

i am sorry for not having a screenshot of it, but i can confirm with a lot of certainty that the glowBlocks is the number of undug tc blocks that have been exposed. i had one glowBlock as it said on the debug-log result, and seeing that i had only one tc block on screen, tested by digging it up. running the command again said that i now have 0 glowBlocks. :slight_smile:

But Skeeve said that in skeeve’s giant challenge he had 179 glowblocks… There can’t be time crystals in a custom world, so that rules out the possibility of time crystals being the only glowblocks. They may be one type of glowblock, but they aren’t the only type.

Gold ore also gives a glow after you’ve discovered it.

Glow blocks probably mean blocks that glow? Maybe somebody put a torch and see if it would affect the number of glow blocks…

interesting it even says how much memory said world is using
now is that memeory ram or physical storage on the device XD?

Someone should text this command before and after opening a chest nest.


Yes, glow blocks are literally blocks that glow (i.e. Gold ore, gold blocks, time crystal ore). Corrupted spaces that glow without said blocks are not included in the count