/debug-log cmd

So I recently discovered this cmd called /debug-log it gives you all the information on the server, but why is this here why do you not see it when you type /help so many questions!

That didn’t answer any of my questions but ok.

/stop and /reset-owner are also commands that aren’t shown on the /help thing. /reset-owner (I assume) was abused in 1.4 and was soon disabled and can no longer be used by any player. /stop restarts the server. I’ve never seen /debug-log, I think I’ll try it out sometime.

Discussion of this command was previously posted in this thread

Reset-owner was removed when we switched from Blockserver to the cloud. Since we now use one account to access all cloud servers, keeping reset-owner would potentially given admins access to not just their server, but any server that player had BHs on. Also, the problem that reset-owner was designed to solve- the inability of admins to remove “owned” items, was eliminated with the update.

Also, since Mac servers don’t use the cloud accounts, reset-owner is still a viable command for admins. It still has it’s uses.


same sunny

It’s a command that I assume Dave used when testing various worlds to show him useful info. Most of it doesn’t mean much to us, but it’s still there.