Debug log command causing everyone to crash


So we crashed on HD then I ran the debug log command then we did again then we crashed again then I ran it again and we crashed again idk if that’s what is causing us to crash but there’s 13 players

Edit: idk if it’s the command that is causing it but it’s happening over and over and over and it’s annoying


I doubt it’s the command. 13 players seems to be more than the cloud can handle unfortunately.


Had some odd log messages during this time.


Then maybe it’s that either way it happened and was annoying


Should I try it for myself?


Can you please either post or PM me the name of the world concerned, and the owner name? I’d like to look at it.


The world is HD 40307 B by Porky. It’s listed in the logs.


Thanks. I didn’t read notice the log.

@PorkyTheChop: where does the mail functionality on this world come from, please?


It’s an extension on the message bot.


As you know quite well, we do not want this functionality in The Blockheads. Your world will be set to private.


The mail function is completely public. It isn’t any different from chatting normally. :slight_smile:

The only difference is that you can send a mail to the person when they aren’t online.


Oh okay, cool. Thanks for clarifying.