Dedicated Dodo World

I’ve been thinking for quite a while about making a world that would work efficiently to get titanium eggs (for selling titanium ore, blocks, chest plates, and sword) and fuel eggs (for unlimited supply of fuel).

For this idea to be worth the work, I would need a lot of dodos. So it had to be a private world. I tried the base design on my supply world first, then decided on a 1/16 world so that I could harvest pole items as well.

I mined only enough to get a portal chest, then removed all the lights from the mines. I have not cleared sky, just cleared enough fog to reach the pole items. Since I have so many dodos on the world, I want as little other things as possible, to reduce the possibility of lag and lag related problems.

Here is a picture of my nearly completed base, with the poles marked in red. The base still needs a few more gold beds and a few more benches, as well as storage place for marble, and maybe lapis and red marble. Other than that I think the base is finished.

The main parts of the base are (1) Apple farm with 312 trees, and (2) Combined dodo taming, storage, and electrical area.

I have been mining a lot of Tc blocks in my tc mining world to buy gold beds, so that I can queue up jobs. I have 27 beds so far, and want a total of at least 40. The idea is to have several hours worth of work for my bh. This will keep the world active so that when I return there will be many eggs to harvest, as well as pole items. Plus of course all the resources from the work my bh is doing.

I will post close ups of the base too.

You have to touch the picture to see the fourth pole.


Excuse me ma’am, are you leaving untamed dodos out? This is clearly a violation of the server rules which I definitely read :wink:

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Ohhhh noooooo!!!
Actually I have only tame dodos, so all is good. :smiley:
Since I do not want eggs to hatch, I overfill server limit so that no eggs will hatch. I will post a picture of the log showing how many fuel dodos I currently have.

As you can see, I have overfilled the dodo limit so that no eggs will hatch.

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That reminds me of those meat factories. :flushed:

Well, I was very much mistaken in thinking that I would not get any wild dodos. Nothing is ever perfect, not even dodo farms lol.

Whenever either the world or my wifi glitches, it kicks my bh off the world. Which instantly reduces the number of tame dodos to zero. So then - kaboom!!! - all those dodo eggs hatch immediately. And when my bh comes back online with the tame dodos there are a ton of wilds mixed in. That explains why my dodo count keeps going up into the 700’s when I only have about 600 tame dodos.

Oh well, after they’ve lived out their natural life span, I can pick up the fuel.

@WumboJumbo Since the whole idea of the setup is to get supplies which I can use in worlds that permit portal chests, I prefer dodo farms to other methods which I chose not to use.

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The dodos are fed by falling apples, since filling feeder chests for that many dodos got old really fast. I have eight rows of trees, 39 trees per row. If I counted correctly. The total is 312 trees, anyways. Each tree is 5 blocks high and there are two spaces for leaves between each trunk,

I average about 70 fuel eggs for 3 minutes of fast forwarding. Or I can just set my bh to work and come back in a while to collect eggs.


This is impressive!

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