Definition of world ownership re Multiplayer world threads

so I have this one server where the owner kinda like quit the game but the admins still support the server. One of the admin became the unofficial new owner since the original owner won’t come back, will he be able to advertise in here?

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More of a question for @milla or @asyc I would recommend direct messaging one of them

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K thx

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I assume by “world owner” means the actual owner of the world.

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According to all the statements I’ve seen milla make before regarding DOTO (Disappearance Of The Owner), that answer would unfortunately be no.

One absolutely has to be the owner of a world in order to promote said world on the forums.

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If you have any way to contact the original world owner, they can make a request to Milla to have the world ownership transferred to a player of their choice. But the request has to come from the current world owner. Then they are free to advertise AND would also have owner portal access.

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You could ask the owner if he/she could give the ownership to you or someone else instead tho. I think milla might need to get involved if you wanna do that.

When was the last time they came onto the server?

Milla won’t do it without the owner’s permission

Months ago.

Oh right. That’s true.
I meant the during the time period before the owner leaves, if he/she mentions they re leaving tho.

He actually didn’t mention, he just kinda disappeared for 2 months and now the co owner is taking the place as the unofficial owner

That’s unfortunate. That really leaves you stranded without full ownership.


IF they mention

The owner of record is the owner. That’s the person whose SID the world is attached to. Attempts to hijack worlds occur, and a such “co-owners” and world staff have zero standing as far as we’re concerned. I recommend players on worlds where the owner is not actively playing pack up their stuff and find a world with an active owner, or one with an owner they can contact to ask for ownership to be transferred to them, such as a forums user or real life friend.

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I second that. If you play on a server where the owner can be reached, even if they don’t play often, they can at least request a rollback from backup if the world gets wrecked by hackers or rogue admins.