"Delete Google Chrome"

What is this? Of all the search engines on the internet, why is it trending on Google?

When I searched “delete google chrome”, the second thing that came up is this:

From the title, it seems to be what they’re on about. I haven’t actually read it yet, though.

That’s the only article I could find regarding the matter. How did it have such a massive effect?

“Chrome is the only major browser that does not offer meaningful protection against cross-site tracking… and will continue to leave users unprotected.”

Anything for that quick buck.

(Taken from the article Alexandra sent)

After seeing this, I went and downloading Firefox just to check it out. Lets just say I’m not using Chrome again.

Opera has the best feature set. workspaces are amazing, i no longer have to sort through multiple windows

oh why oh why does it have to be chrome?

Actually, Chrome does allow the blocking of third party cookies.



I personally use Microsoft Edge and Chrome on my devices (because they’re built in). I suppose I could migrate to another browser some time.

What made you choose Mozilla Firefox? Just curious… :slight_smile:

Their reputation is somewhat iffy though. I believe they’re owned by a Chinese consortium.

Google has a poor reputation. Especially when it comes to their web browser!

In that case, do you use Bing?

I dunno, first thing that came to mind that wasn’t Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.

that was very unclear, sorry, i was being sarcastic, their reputation is despicable compared to others’

No, I use Google.

They are a Norwegian corporation that was bought by a Chinese investor group in 2016. still Norwegian, based in Oslo. They do have an iffy repuatation but for the features in Opera i’m fine with it. When macOS Monterey comes out I might use start using safari because my main “must-have feature” in Opera is workspaces which safari is kind-of getting. The sidebar in Opera just isn’t really found anywhere else while keeping all the features. Vivaldi has a sidebar but it is more of a “how can we make Vivaldi as customizable as possible.” instead of a well though-out side bar. I do like Vivaldi’s web panels in the sidebar though. Workspaces are amazing (in Opera). The built in ad and tracker blocker is nice and easy to use. The VPN is free and works but I would only use it for getting content that only available in other countries because we have no idea how private it actually is. The media player and social media on the side bar is great

Oh, I thought you used DuckDuckGo… :lol:

Then again, Startpage would probably be a better option… :thinking:

I encourage you to try it out. :slight_smile:

Just like the upcoming version of Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (along with Brave if you prefer privacy) have had tab groups for a long while.

Why is Vivaldi’s sidebar worse than Opera’s sidebar? Doesn’t Vivaldi work with Opera extensions (and Google Chrome extensions for that matter)?

I am aware of that, they don’t do it the way opera does. In Opera I just click one of the shapes then the tabs in that workspace are there without adding any clutter to the tab bar at the top. (and the shape has an animation when you hover/click.)
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 4.31.27 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 4.31.10 PM

no workspaces, no media player…

yes but not all of them.

Yeah, you’re correct. The upcoming version of Safari will in fact have a similar feature. :smiley: :compass:

Well, take a look at this. :slight_smile:

Wait, why? :thinking:

That has been in Opera for a long time, I meant this:

this could be achieved in vivaldi with the web panels but that you would actually have to set up rather than it just being there from the moment it is installed.

It’s still possible though. :smiley:

Also, Opera’s version doesn’t support Amazon Music or Pandora. :frowning: