Deleted blockheads


So I sadly had to delete blockheads something for my job I had to download, I was wondering when I am able to download again if my worlds saved to cloud or something. I just got finally got a rain bow donkey and had a huge mine going half way across the map I had so much on my world… it was sad to see it go. Can I get my progress back?


Sorry to say…you can restore from a backup ONLY if you made a backup. The game doesn’t automatically save anything to the cloud. I just recently lost a somewhat advanced game of SimCity Buildit to some fat fingers deleting the app. Woops.

There is one exception to this. You can “offload” the game but this is a little more involved. It does leave your data on your device. I have my phone settings to offload unused apps. But Blockheads gets used every day, so it would never get offloaded, and I can’t recall the steps to manually offload an app. Doesn’t sound like that’s what you did anyway.

i’ll offer you a baby rainbow donkey on Rabbithole if you like. As consolation.


Yeah it was unfortunate. I have a iPhone and I can’t use iCloud or anything. Long story. But stupid Apple won’t reset my account so I can’t acess my cloud or do anything. And my stupid job needs an app for paychecks and blockheads was taking up the most space lol. Oh well when I get a new phone I’ll just start all over. I’m never buying another iPhone again.


Apple complaints!!


Tried. It’s security reasons they won’t do it. I need a old old old phone number I used years ago to set my account up and I havnt needed it in so long I forgot it and when my phone updated it kicked me out and won’t let me back in without that old number. They said they can restart my phone and basically wipe it clean but then I can’t access it AT ALL without signing into Munich account which I can’t. So I’m screwed either way. It’s a iPhone 5 anyway it’s old I’m going to get a new one soon. Screw Apple tho once I get a new phone I’m smashing this piece of junk with a hammer and sending the picture to Apple supports email.

If I knew someone that could hack my account and I could trust they could pull the number for me lol


yeah, BH can take up some data, especially on older phones. I don’t have the same experience with Apple in the US. I just upgraded again to an iphone 8.


Storage capacity?


16gb since I can’t log into Apple to use my iCloud for all the pictures and stuff. If I had ICloud it would be a lot more.


I’d personally give Apple another chance. You can at least buy a refurbished iPhone 7.


Well I pay 600$ in rent a month and have debts from school and including car payment.


That’s not good!


I’ve found a once in a lifetime deal! $250 for a 32GB iPhone SE in gold! This deal won’t be around for long though!