The info I provided was wrong, so I deleted it.


not true, you might have made a converse error.
It is true that hackers (non-skids) have an understanding of coding. However, that does not mean that everyone who understands coding is a hacker. Coding is a vague term, but it basically means using any type of computer language. Using HTML is a form of coding. With your logic, anyone who made a welcome message is a hacker. Just because hackers know coding, does not mean that everyone who knows coding is a hacker.


Not all people will ask for a portal chest though.

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Most the hackers I’ve come across like to flex their ‘hacking’ skills before ruining my server so I guess it’s a bit different for some there.

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Just a note that most people being referred to as hackers are nothing of the sort. Most are cheats who use the work of actual hackers to exploit the game to their own ends. Often they grief the worlds of others, and make threats. This is considered bullying and I would like these players reported to me.

The actual hackers themselves often do no harm at all.


Actually smart hackers often have better (and perhaps more messed up) things to hack than a children’s game.

But, contemporarily in this modern day, hackers can have both meanings so it can be taken that hackers in blockheads generally refer to the script kiddy party, there is no need to pounce on every forums newbie with a bombastic explanation of hackers . It’s pretty clear that the OP of this thread wasn’t directing it at the smart hackers.

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I get to decide what is needed here, so I will continue to clarify this misnomer in defence of the hacker community.


I’m not an expert, but I’m not sure that’s a sign. I’m not expert in hacking or anything.

They can just create items in their own world.

Watch out for people who talk about plumbing, because that means they know how to drown you.


A lot of people know coding. I have a lot of friends who code on scratch, a friendly coding website where you can create and share computer games. I know for a fact that they aren’t hackers. They don’t have any bad intentions. (though not all hackers do.) Also, the creators of games like TBH have to know coding to create it. That doesn’t mean they’re a mean hacker.


I’ve seen people who can one hit kill and teleport, they’re not just griefers, they’re armed with scripts. The server owner even posted the hacking script a hacker was using to disconnect the server.

Also WooHooGaming13, did you really have to make fun of me?

I was showing you that your reasoning is flawed.

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Ok sorry.

Yeah, those scripts make them cheats. You can only use those on worlds that explicitly allow them.

I have been using both server-side and web-based JavaScript for several years now, and have continued to progressively learn more and more. I also learned the basic syntax of Swift. Despite this, I have absolutely no knowledge on how to modify or “hack” games. I have never tried to. I just use it for the fun of building my own stuff.

If you are writing tools for breaking games then sure. If you are writing as a hobbyist or for something productive there is nothing wrong with that. Would you be paranoid if Dave, the developer of this game went onto a Minecraft server because he knows coding? He doesn’t seem like the type of person that goes around breaking people’s stuff.