Deleting posts bumps topic?


Apparently if you delete a post that is the last post of the thread it bumps the thread.

Has anyone else experienced this before? It is pretty annoying and unnecessary.

New servers?

I have, several times by accident. Editing a post does the same thing.


Yes, deleting your old posts is annoying…


I think this behavior is good. When a post is deleted/edited the thread has changed, people who are interested in the topic should be able to see that something changed.

I agree with Ronnie’s statement. Deleting your old posts is annoying. It makes old threads less useful to anyone who has the same question later, and ruins context.

There was a user who deleted over 100 posts… and had asked a bunch of questions. If you run across one of the threads where he was asking questions you’ll notice that several players appear to be talking to themselves and it doesn’t make much sense.


Yep, when you delete old posts you sometimes remove context to other posts which makes it hard for people to understand what is going on in a thread.


Crazy hooligans!


When I catch underage users and delete their accounts this has that effect.