Deleting & reinstalling

So my device is seriously messed up, for some reason I’ve lost tons of storage space and my apps hardly take any space. This game and a few other apps take up more than 200MB, along with the smaller apps.

Im trying to fix this but that’ll require deleting a few apps - starting with deleting this game which is taking the most space.

To cut to the chase (finally): will It be possible to keep my progress somehow if I delete this app? I’ve kept my support ID down so I don’t lose it, could I use that to restore progress when I reinstall the app?


I think so.

When you delete the app you will lose any items in your portal chest and your single player worlds. Since you wrote down your support ID, you won’t lose any multiplayer progress permanently since you can get your names back. You may also lose all of your TC.

If you want to keep your SP worlds / portal chest, you will need to do a backup through iTunes. If you want to keep your TC as well, you have to do an encrypted backup.

Thank you and @WumboJumbo for answering so fast!

But may you explain a little more about an encrypted backup? is it just another form of a backup?

If you have an iOS11 device…


I do have a question related to this: How do I stop my device from automatically offloading apps?

When making a backup in iTunes, there’s a checkbox to choose whether or not to make an encrypted backup. The big difference is that you have to set a password, and if you forget that password… nothing good happens.

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Scroll down.

If you are using an Apple device you should consider backing up your data / upgrading your storage.

Thank you. Was getting annoying to come back to apps and finding them practically deleted.

There’s a guide with pictures to those who are interested on seeing how a backup with iTunes is done here.

What is the device? iOS or Android? If it is Android I have a tutorial on how to backup apps and games, although it requires a computer.

She can, but will she?

Pretty sure TC isn’t just given out to everyone who just deletes & re-installs the game.

If your signed into Game Center will it save a server if you’re the owner?

I don’t think Game Centre has anything to do with it anymore. The game’s go-to identifier is your Support ID, which can be found at the bottom of Help/Credits.

In general, it’s wise to note it down in case something happens, such as it switching. Additionally, it would be a good idea to note down any IGNs of yours you’d like to keep, in the case of an accident like the one mentioned above.


OK cool thanks so much @Testif

You think that screenshotting your tc count before deleting would convince her to give some TC back?

Foor iOS 11, go to Settings->General-> Storage, and tap on “Blockheads”, and say, “offload app”, which delete the app but leave the DATA (I don’t have success on iCloud backups, but offload must work, or I am jerk.)

If you didn’t delete it, go ahead and “off load” it. If you did, hope you get the world back.

Deleting The Blockheads app and reinstalling it again will delete your offline world will be permanently deleted but your server worlds that are searchable and public will still be there. For server worlds that are set to private, you may have to go to owner portal, select your world that you set it to private and change it to searchable or public in settings of your server world. Portal chest items that you put inside recently will be gone forever for all your server worlds and offline worlds. Only the number of Time crystals that you have recently will still be there.

Worlds set to private can still be accessed by going to your owner portal and setting to searchable, at least for long enough to join again.

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