Deleting user accounts

I have worked out how to delete user accounts, so if you leave and wish for your account to be deleted please don’t hesitate to request that. The process removes every trace of your presence, including posts and topics created by you, and it is not reversible.

It can take hours to action, as the software has to go through and remove every single post you ever made, and that’s no small matter, especially if you have been a member for a while or have been very active.

I am in the process of removing Sunnyperson’s account now as per his request, and he was a very active member, over a long period, so you may notice threads and posts disappearing. They will be his.

Note, if you prefer your account deletion to be confidential please PM me about it, but note that if you post a goodbye in the comings and goings thread it will also be deleted!

Thanks for your patience while I worked out how to go about doing this.


Sunny left? I had no idea. Aww I am going to miss them. They were so cool! :sob:


Yeah, I liked sunnyperson too. This is a product community though. People come and go all the time, even the fun ones!


That is very sad… I hope I will stay for at least my 1 year anniversary! But, only time will tell who stays and who leaves, Sadly.

This… seems like a problem. Sure, the vast majority of threads aren’t that important, but what about those threads that are? I know several pixel art fanatics would be in a world of hurt if some guides just up and disappeared some day… it seems wrong to remove threads if there is some way to just disassociate them with an account (move ownership to system / mark as wiki if appropriate?)


Does it really matter anymore? Milla has and is taking care of this person.

Nice! It’ll be useful for people who don’t want to come back anymore.

I don’t plan to delete any accounts without requests from the owners that I do so. The whole point of this exercise is so that people leaving can request that their account be deleted.

@bibliophile: yes, it will be a problem if those requesting their accounts be deleted don’t first request exactly that. Here’s hoping people leaving are considerate about that, if they want their account gone.


This will be very useful if trolls come onto the forums.


Lots of time wasted.

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Can the user create another account if they somehow want to come back?

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Yes, if they leave without a ban they can register a new account with the same email address and the same name if they wish. Only banned users will have restrictions.

Is it possible to reverse a cloud ban?

Yes, but that’s off topic in this thread, and in this forum.

This is unfortunate. Someone leaving the community is a sad moment in the forum- erasing their memory entirely and sweeping it under the carpet like nothing happened seems to have no benefits to me. But I guess if its their wish then you’ll have to comply… :frowning:


We’re just going to have to archive all the guide threads some how.

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Restoration/preserve efforts? milla can select particular guides and repost them.

I have an idea: why not put it in quote form? (the quote button thing, you know) and then somehow alter it to be made by you? It’s proabably a lot of work, but i think it would be worth it.

Also quick Q: what’s the purpose of deleting users though? If players leave shouldn’t they just keep their users there instead; players can reference them etc.) I’m slightly interested in how this is going to work :slight_smile:

The purpose is to delete their data. I can’t cherry pick which data. Unless they permit me to preserve some of it, I will be deleting 100 % of the data of any departing member who requests that I do so.

If someone intimates to you that they plan to leave, perhaps request they transfer their OPs in good threads to someone else.

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It looks so wrong on the outside, but it feels so right in the inside

If I ever were to leave I wouldn’t want my account deleted, conversations would be messed up and I might end up coming back.

Although I can’t get regular with this account :thinking: