Depressing moments in blockheads


  1. When you get banned from your favourite server
  2. When your favourite server is whitelisted and you’re not on the whitelist
  3. When you lose your admin for no reason
  4. When your server becomes dead
  5. When you join an anime server
  6. When your server runs out of credit
  7. When your phone/tablet runs out of battery while your playing
  8. When someone enables “die on exit”

Thats all i can think of


9.When your rainbow unicorn dies


When you look for a long time for a cave troll, only to find one and he kills you.


That’s the worst!


When you don’t notice a high tier egg before you leave a server, it hatches, then it dies before it can be tamed.


When you place a unicorn in a protected zone.


Now THAT is the worst.


When your handcar crashs :slight_smile:


When you decide to move your base on Expert mode and while you are travelling with your level 28 workbench and all your worldly possessions…you die and your baskets despawn.


When you are looking for someone, log onto a server and see that you missed them by a minute.


When you go to the random server search and find the same server for the 5th time, and you realize that there aren’t as many servers as there used to be.


No.5 is pretty bad


When you get banned for nothing by 2 extremely abusive owners that make the rules and not follow them.

(The fourth moment killed my servers).


When Dave tells you that the physics in Blockheads is really strange and he can’t easily change the code to have handcars do flips. :cry: :cry: :cry:


When your BH dies, and the only thing lost from your inventory is the only thing you really valued.


That first time you lose your single player storage world because your device died and cannot be resurrected.


I have played long enough to have that happen twice now. I saw the writing on the wall both times and evacuated via portal chest.


Have you moved the data to another device?


Loseing the server someone made for you because it’s whitelisted and you were unadmined before that


When a survival server becomes custom. (I love survival more than custom) :frowning: