Depressing moments in blockheads



This is why everyone should have backups. iBackupBot can even extract one world then transfer to a different device (including Free Mac Servers).

Edit: I meant to reply to @asyc. Sorry!


Thanks Wingy. It was many many years ago when that happened. Now I have redundancy SP worlds and cloud worlds :slight_smile:


No problem :slight_smile:

I miss the iOS8 days when you could manually backup and restore worlds, without doing the entire device.


You can use iBackupBot to extract/inject the worlds :smiley:


Really? I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I used to use iFunBox to back up and restore worlds on my iPhone5S, and iPad Mini. That was so handy.


Yes! It’s a little cumbersome now because you have to backup with iTunes, edit the backup in iBackupBot, then restore with iTunes.

Edit: Also, I can turn SP into Mac :smiley:


Ah, okay.

I might try it for putting SP worlds on my Mac. I don’t think I’d use it otherwise. The whole point of iFunBox was restoring directly, without the whole device needing to be restored.


Device 1 has the world
Device 2 needs the world

Back up device 1
Extract save
Back up device 2
Inject save
Restore device 2

You don’t lose data on device 2.
(or device 1)


Except that those restores do result in a lot of re-authenticating and configuring. Even with a good mnemonic system it can be a real hassle. I try to avoid restoration :slight_smile:


When your small wood cabin on a sky island, over a lake and surrounded by trees goes up in smoke because you meant to place a chest but accidentally selected an ember. :house_with_garden::fire:


When u need to flat the whole world


When no one is on a server! Especially your favorite server ever it’s more fun with people! With friends!!


Thats the most depressing moment for meh


When your bh is sleeping and someone comes on right before their done.


When you check and nobody’s online :frowning:


When you use a trade portal and it switches from being able to sell 1 item to increments of 10 items only. :weary:


Here’s a very depressing moment.

-When you are trying to organize your portal chest, but your very good items just vanish into thin air.