Describe the person's pic above you with 3 words or less





ok fine here’s how you play
you have to describe the person’s pic above you with 3 words

only three

three singular words

A TV Character

weird looking monster

The letter T

bunny with pants

A Caplized T

@Kingmaharjan10, can we use less than 3 words?

An ATMOS Logo.

an extinct species

Light Green Background.

a duck

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a wild Kingmaharjan10

A white T.

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some big meanie

Song “Broken Glass”

It’s describe the person’s picture, not their personality.

Your membership here requires the following:

little fat birds

Thatonepersonfrom Steven univers

A weird cat

weird fluffy cat.

I didn’t double post what chu saying :eyes:

BROKEN glass pictures

a cat.

Btw its not glass, if you look closely its ice :stuck_out_tongue: