Designing builds with Graph Paper


I use standard rule graph paper to design my builds. It matches up perfectly with the app. Each block fits perfectly in each square. Mostly I draw complicated builds on graph paper first. You? I hope this post jogs your imaginations.


I just build it and while I’m building it I edit it.


Try using graph paper with pencil. You can also use the eraser. It’s easier especially with massive builds like my spawn building.


I love designing builds on graph paper!


I don’t really design buildings I just build what I see in my head… for example this is what my BHs house looks like:

I just build what makes sense… no thought put into it.
Ik it’s very boring… I need to change it up a little to make it more fun.


Thanks so much freewaykiller! I’m planning on making a Taj Mahal. This will help me so much.


I thought of doing that. Might try it again.

For now I build them, then edit. Always using dirt or sand to help with visualisation and to get to certain heights before building across. And they can turn out pretty well.

I mean look at our base. It’s weird and different but I like it, sort of. I just edited it earlier, you might want to have a look. Lol


I did one using this crossstich pattern. Feel free to use it or not, just as you like.



My gosh that just brings so many memories back. I remember when I used to only do box builds that may not seem creative but maybe I should return to that. Create simple boxes and paint the interior and maybe add some creative design only to the interior.


@Joe I will definitely use that pattern! Thanks so much!


Haha yeah. Actually I used to just have it plain without any paint. I made it a witty bit more fun by painting everything each Blockheads individual colors :slight_smile: