Destroy the above server!


This game can be a little complicated at first, but is easy. Every player will have a server. (pretend if they don’t) and you have to find ways to destroy their server. EX:

P1: Santeeisweird9’s server got destroyed by a giant cave troll.
P2: P1’s server was destroyed by raining lava.


Have fun!


@Santeeisweird9_real’s server was destroyed by giant cave trolls


@the_juicey_ace’s server was hacked! Oh wait… that already happened


@TheFoil’s server got destroyed by the sun.


@CookieBH’s server got destroyed by dropbear overpopulation


@zitro 's sever got destroyed by a gaint intergalactic dounut. :doughnut: :lol:


@Dounutask’s server was destroyed by an infinite unbreakable ice glitch.


@Pokehgs sever turned into stone by Yveltal, I know my Pokémon!


@Dounutask ended up knowing so many Pokémon that his server couldn’t take it and got corrupted.


@Legoboy70’s server was smashed to bits by Kronos, the king of Titans.


@Pokehgs server got destroyed by overpopulated scorpions.


@CookieBH’s server got hacked when milla turned evil.


@theknexguy’s server was destroyed because he was too busy playing with knex that he missed out when all of the admins wee destroying the server behind his back


@TheFoil server was hit by my lv 99999999 wand of frost freezing everything to death except for cave trolls who killed the survivers


@Legoboy70’s server died


@WolfLover999’s server was eaten my a server eater


@TheFoil’s server fell into an infinite abyss


@WolfLover999 's server was destroyed because i said so


@TheMatrixster’s server was slain by: Dave


@WolfLover999 server was destroyed by Milla.