Destroy the above server!


@WumboJumbo’s server was destroyed by giant Dumbo.


@Taliana’s server…well…died


@WolfLover999’s server was filled with wolves


@TheFoil’s server got overrun by my butterfly army that ate it all.


Donald trump deported @Taliana’s server


@TheFoil’s server got wrapped up in his own tin foil


@taliana’s server was eaten by a fake butter fly


@TheFoil’s server got destroyed by his tin foil :wink:


@CookieBH’s server was destroyed by giant genetically modified pine trees that grow lightning fast and crash servers if cut down…

Anyone remember those?


I read that whole thread recently and was about to use it here! You read my mind before I even thought about it! :scream:

@ErickMatrix’s server was destroyed by the subsequent dropbear invasion and lag after one such pinecone “accidently” got planted by the vengeful (rather squashed) ghost of discobot.


@Appi’s server was “accidentally” created with totaly flat and very wet, so it never worked


@WolfLover999 's server was destroyed since it had too much copyright infringement related to Minecraft.


Darn it!


@legoboy70 server was eaten by me


Thanks for the revenge…


@Legoboy70’s server was destroyed by everyone destroying the servers :stuck_out_tongue:


@CookieBh’s serverr was shredded into pieces, put into a bowl, added milk, eggs, flour, sugar, oil. Put in the oven to bake, turned into a cake. And throw the cake at a pile of hungry monkeys, the monkeys all eat it. The monkeys poop it out, the poop has been colected to compost. The compost grew a few plants, harvested the plants, made into wheat, made into bread, and sold the bread. Made money, and gave that money to @cookiebh so that she could buy another server. And repeat


Very Descriptive :laughing:


@Thefoil 's server was destroyed by a potato nuke


@White_Rose’s server was destroyed by roses. :rose: