Destroy the above server!


@CookieBH’s server became the first to manufacture a cookie, then corrupted and caused everything to spontaneously combust into flames because cookies don’t exist in the game yet. Destroyed!


@appi’s server was destroyed by a h-appi troll


@TheFoil’s server was destroyed by a huge nuclear warhead.


@Santeeisweird9_real’s server was discovered to be a secret nazi operating base and was subsequently detroyed by an invasion from The United Empire of Ferrum


Then the United Empire of Ferrum invaded @Diamond_knight’s server and burned it to ashes :


XD I am the leader of ferrum :lol:

The Ferrumian loyalists swarm @White_Rose’s server under charges on instigating treason.


@undertaker.a.c server was destroyed by himself XD


Santeesquid9 real please stop saying he was destroyed by a nuclear warhead! Be creative


@Santeeisweird9_real can do what they want. It’s not for you to choose what they do.


@undertaker.a.c’s destroyed server was rebuilt by a mysterious force and then destroyed by a fleet of dodos!


I sat on @Appi’s server and destroyed it :stuck_out_tongue:


@MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY’s server was destroyed by a stampede of cave trolls


@White_Rose’s server was destroyed because she destroyed mama food supply’s server :angry: no one destroys atmos!


@thefoil 's server was destroyed by Undertaker(A.C.) because making him laugh XDDDD


@Legoboy70’s server was destroyed because you got taxed and your server was slow.

More info


@Santeeisweird9_real 's server got roasted


@TheMatrixster server got toasted.


@WumboJumbo’s server got toasted then roasted


@WolfLover999’s server got roasted, toasted, and then roasted again.


@CookieBH’s server got roasted, toasted, then died from Pepe the meme frog