Destroy the above server!


@WolfLover999’s server got toasted but left a slice of bread.


@CookieBH’s server…got destroyed


@WolfLover999’s server got destroyed but my server revived.


@CookieBH’s server…got destroyed once again and then my server gained unremovable infinate immortality


@WolfLover999 your server was shut down for being a Mary sue


@Diamond_knight’s server was shut down due to him not realizing I said Immortalitty


@WolfLover999’s server was banned due to people reading his name upside down


@Frater_Universe’s server was banned because im a girl not a boy, and he didn’t realize i said this before in A different thread…


@WolfLover999’s server was undestroyed as an apology by the frater. Then destroyed again because the owner used five periods instead of four


@Frater_Universe’s server died


@WolfLover999’s server was demeaned then died due to false accusations of excessive RP


@Frater_Universe’s server died because there were no trees and no trees no atmosphere.


@CookieBH’s server died after Cookie tried to grow cookies in a farm


@Frater_Universe’a server died when it got drop kicked by the final boss in a fighting arcade game


@IceBearr’s server died after a breakout between the ice torch clan and the dropbear clan


@Frater_Universe’s server died because of my grammer error


@icebearr 's server was abandoned


@Iffywashere’s server was accused of being a SAO Rp , rather than a pvp


Just ignore it.

@Frater_Universe’s server started to rain explosive dropbears.


@billk123’s server was shammed by the goody-two shoes of the blockheads for portal chest exploitation