Destroy the above server!


@Frater_Universe’s server got turned to private because hackers had a base on it


@ItzTheGreenNinja got server deleted by milla because she did it by accident


@TheFoil’s server was overthrown by dog lovers


@Frater_Universe 's server suddenly had redwood pine trees that grow to space and create seeds every second effectively lagging the server to a halt.


Vladmirangel 's server ran out of tc


@Iffywashere 's server crashed and stopped working.


@UNIHORSE’s server was accused of duihorse descrimination


Marble City was destroyed by €joey, its_dom and Nick0173


Your server was destroyed by


Hand over your IQ robot or face punishment by our leader satoru iwata.


Your server was taken down by Netflix.

Reason: Trademarked title


Satoru iwata destroys your server…


Your server was taken down by: The Staff team
Reason: haxor


Your server was taken over by the next gen electronics, hand over your server or face ultimate destruction by satoru iwata’s greatest power.

Shigeru Miyamoto's breath of the wild.


Your server was taken down by: Microsoft Corporation
Reason: Using Windows without permission


Your Server was removed for the following:
The cloud went down and the one piece of information that wasn’t saved was your server.


You server was deleted.

Reason: WildCard Studios keeps delaying the release of the new ARK: Survival Evolved DLC, Extinction.

We are sorry for any inconveniences.


Wrong. my server wasn’t deleted because I don’t have any.
On the other hand, your server was deleted by a team of elite hackers


I’m sorry… but I can’t do that.

True reason: cloud outage at night. October 16, 2018.


Well, your server got destroyed by my elite team of cave trolls.


I’m sorry, but your server got destroyed by META, Merit External Team Allience.