Destroy Workbenches


Maybe there should be an option for destroying workbenches.

To destroy a workbench you will need a hammer.

It can be crafted with:

3 Ingots / Stone and a stick

There would be a stone hammer, a bronze hammer, an iron hammer and a titanium hammer.

You would see an option for “destroy” and when you click on it. it will want to know if you are really doing it and that it will destroy the bench.

It would refund at least half you’re items back but destroy the bench in the process

It would only work on it if you own it.

I think this would make some good because if you accidentally craft a workbench it will save you time.

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Would it only work on your workbenches or other people’s too, if other people’s it seems like greifers could legally and easily destroy benches


It would only work on it if you own it.


You should add that to the OP.


Why different tiers of hammers? Does it do it faster or something?


Mainly for decoration :stuck_out_tongue:


What if we brake a lvl 1 workbench what we get back a half dirt lol :joy:


The real question here is how you “accidentally” make a workbench and not notice for 10 seconds.


Lol yeah give me the answer of this @TheAllMightyNewb


Not entirely impossible. I made a woodworkbench, went to make something else and went to make a woodwork bench. Next thing I know, I look in my inventory and see two woodwork benches. I’m like gah!

At the same time, there are those that might make more than one of the same bench for separate groups of blockheads that might be on different parts of the world, each with their own base.

I don’t do this because I have multiple portal chests and transfer what ever each blockhead needs and I have a lot of tc. So blockheads teleport where ever they need to. No need to bring or carry everything for my blockheads.

I got only the best for my little crafting friends.


I’ve made the wrong electric bench several times ;-;


When it comes to electric benches read the label! Read it again, check your base on what you need and read it once more. Lol

Electric benches are obviously harder to make and you lose a lot of material. That’s why I double check what I need.

Then because of this post where this person was supposed to make many steam generators to sell, in the end they made many of this other bench!! Omg!

Now I triple check what I’m making. If I am going to make a second of a bench I have, I triple check again.

Other than that I just craft items atbenches from servers and bring the crafted items back to my world.


Can we just dump it on the magma instead?


But then you lose the things you used to make it.


Honestly, I’d vote for the option to de-craft anything, not just workbenches. It’d be nice if I could get the materials back for things I accidentally make.


I mean you could just sell things, if they’re in a tp. But you do lose money that way.


But then you don’t need the things you used to make it and they’re easy to get anyway.