Diagonal shafts


Have you ever had that time where you need to move a whole elevator, when you really only needed to move half? This has caused my ultra thinking brain thingy to come up with a suggestion! Maybe, there could be diagonal shafts! So, next time you need to move a part of an elevator to accommodate new builds, you only need to move part of an elevator! Al you need is two diagonal shafts. To craft two, you need an elevator shaft, and a train track?.? ooh, maybe you could change directions and use copper wires and an elevator circuit. To make one of those you could use 5 fuel, an elevator motor, and an elevator shaft. So you could connect copper wires to diagonal shafts in a 2x2 block (all four), and set connect the curcuit to a wire that connects to all four, and you could change the direction of the diagonal shafts. (Sorry if I was too confusing during my writing crave there.)

What recipe improvements would you like to see?