Diamond isles is missing you!

I am trying my best to improve my server and hope to have your build in it too!your work will be displayed at spawn if you want to.each player will be treated as if they were a VIP,if any reports are needed please comment so we can check your issue with the server.

The rules are simple:

Join now,and say HI!


Please include the server rules

It’s a nice world! I’ve met some of your admins and mods, they’re polite, nice, and just respectful Torce their power.


The mods were so polite!

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Thanks for your comment,we will try to improve our server as soon as we can

Is this world costum?

If not what would be wrong if migrating to custom?

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It is,if it was not then how am I am gonna get all the glass to make a tower that is over 132 blocks high? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agreed unlike some admins in some server who either didn’t respond to you or ban you immediately

Hey ZAUK Cani use the space in the tallest building in the world to put my pictures my name is anime hater

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Ahhh,it’s you.we will open the job centre at that area,we hope to have your picture there :wink:

Merged double post into one :slight_smile:

I played a couple times and made lots of money so i could get away from spawn and settle on my own, when i left the server i was meditating on an empty sky island. Once i came back Someone built their house on that island. Instead of asking Why i got there and removing a piece of Wall so i could get out, i got killed and all my stuff got taken away, including a hat of hunger i payed 1000 plat. Coins for and other stuff worth over 7500 plat coins, this was done by an admin and a moderator. When i explained Why i got there they just ignored me. I don’t mean to talk in any bad way About your server, but i was hoping this could get solved. Thanks.

coooooooool server i like it. admins and mods are polite but they ignore u sometimes

Thanks for reporting this,I will solve this as soon as possible.may you tell me all the users who did something to you?where is your house too? I will check the log for evidences.


It’s been like that for 5minutes
I have good WiFi and can join other servers but not this one…

I will restart the server,then maybe you can join :wink:

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Please don’t triple post. See our community guidelines. And if you want to express your opinion please do it politely and give a reasonable explanation as to why you don’t like this server. If you genuinely want a server to improve, use construction criticism instead of calling people inappropriate names.





Those are always present for Diamond Isles.


There’s a code that stops it from appearing every 6 hours if you press “OK.” Would you like it?

We would try to appear on the server often but there are some schedules we might have that may hinder our playing time but nonetheless our effort will be put in into this server to make it a better place for anyone to play in… :ghost: