Diamond isles is missing you!


We would try to appear on the server often but there are some schedules we might have that may hinder our playing time but nonetheless our effort will be put in into this server to make it a better place for anyone to play in… :ghost:


OooOoooh, your pic… It’s…A BADGIE!


Badger? Now I’m imagining a badger/budgie hybrid. :stuck_out_tongue:


That will be strange to look at,will it be deadly? :rolleyes:


Yes but not as deadly as me…


Ooooooh, Budgie hybrid.

Badger + budgie = BADGIE.


Hi. I see you have double posted. I understand this is not a common rule in other forums, so I’ll explain it to you. Double posting is when you post two or more times within an hour. This is not allowed because it can be seen as a way to boost your post count. Here’s a link to a guide on how to fix it -


Suggest you combine both comments,fallen :wink:


No problem. I’ve done it :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, thanks milla!


@Zauks, are you planning on keeping up this server in 1.7? If so, I’ll add it to the list


my server will last,but i am not able to manage it now.
it will manage by @Fallen_Hybrid and @Spectre.Spirit.
sorry to be upset you but i am hoping they will help out on diamond islands


can i be a builder on your server?
i love building!


you would like to build now?
yes i will allow you,please join the server so i can give you permission


ill be on at 18:00 english time.


@ZAUKS who is the owner (when people look it up), are you transferring ownership, and will they be maintaining it financially every month?


I am the original owner of the server,but they will be head-in charge of the server to maintain the server from dying.


Ouef I’m back


Hey do you have any new servers


It doesn’t apply to world threads :slight_smile: