Diamond trees?

Where do you find them? I cannot plant one with a diamond. =(

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On a sky/floating island

Diamond trees cannot be planted. They can only be found on random floating sky islands.
Also, a quick tip: Don’t cut them down, they don’t grow back.

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Do you have to use a jetpack to get to them? Are they made of dirt?

A Jetpack would be best, and as far as I know, mystical gem islands have marble on the bottom. If anyone has found a diamond tree, a screenshot could be useful.

What does a diamond tree look like? I have never heard of one before.

if im correct… youll know when you find one if an island has diamonds underneath.

at least i think so. ive found 2 islands with amethysts and 1 with rubies

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I’ve only found one saphire island so far, there is still a posibility of there not being any diamond trees, Can someone go dig through the textures to see if there is anything that looks like diamond leaves? xDD

I have found a Safire tree but it won’t sprout safires? How long would I have to wait?

8 Blockhead days/years not sure.

Diamond trees exist I’ve seen a pic.

Also - don’t harvest them for sticks or wood!! They don’t seem to regrow their limbs either! :eek:

That’s true. You’ll be sad if you lose all your precious beautiful trees. They sprout gems, but you just have to be patient.

Diamond trees are the most rare and I have yet to see one.

I’ve found quite a few gem trees today but none of them have had gems on! So disappointing! I definitely have an emerald one (my favourite, the greenness in the sky so pretty), think one is amethyst, and I thought I had two diamond trees on adjacent islands but there are no gems underneath for me to be sure - I’ve just realised they could be sapphire ones, if the diamond ones are very rare. There is a bluishness which I’d been interpreting as diamond white!

I did harvest a bit of branch on one of the trees, I thought maybe I’d get gems or something shiny. But no - just normal sticks :o

Me Too Jigglepig! I was like, “Hmm… I wonder how I get gems from this thing? Oooo, I know! I’ll just harvest a branch!” Derp…

Edit: I’m old. You young 'uns let me know if I used “Derp” incorrectly.

Haha - I’m not a young 'un so I wouldn’t know…actually I’ve also always wondered about that too so I’ll look forward to the explanation!

I just made my home inside a cave in a VERY HIGH mountain by my spawn portal, then used two stacks of stone to make a tower into the sky… I found space and loads of Islands and D trees on em. Hope this helped!

I live on an island with a diamond tree. And I’ve gotten over 50 diamonds from it. So yes, they exist, and yes, they produce. It just takes a while…


Deflation + lots of money!
(The one in the pic is not the one I live on.)
Edit 2: Oh wait, it is.

soo pretty… How many diamond trees have you found so far?

4 or 5, I think.
(And I’ve been playing for months, don’t think I did all this in 48 hours!)

The closest I have found is a ruby tree

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