Did not get crafted items


Hello, I used my time crystals (600 of them…) to make 300 iron bars but only one stack of 99 went into my basket. I have searched everywhere, and cannot see that they were dropped or anything like that. They just took my ore and crystals and never gave me the bars :frowning:


Which server was it?


I’ve had a similar issue. When I queue my BH up to craft something, no progress bar will show and he’ll endlessly tap at it. If I cancel it, my BH stops but I don’t get my materials back. Closing out of the app and rejoining will make the progress bar appear when this happens.


Does the server matter?


It is due to the lag and poor connection it happened to me many times.


Yeah, i will go to that server and redo the same thing he did so i can get a idea if its a lag issue or the issue is in his WIFI


Hello, I was not on Wifi or Data during the issue. I also do not know what server I am on- it is just my first world.


Also I am a female :slight_smile:


Okay, I assume you were on a single player world.




Just to rule out the obvious: you didn’t have a full inventory?


No I did not


Probably just internet or connection issues. If you weren’t on wifi or data, this was probably the issue, even if you were on a single player world.


I can play fine on Single Player worlds without any internet connections. They are stored locally on the devices.