Die on exit!



So i felt really sorry for @Michgilb821 as he lost his TC
for complete info. - Lost my Blockheads
So when Die on Exit is selected when we leave the server (this implies for both multiplayer and single player servers) there will be a message show up asking that would to really want to kill your Blockheads like this :

Its a small suggestion but will help a lot :smiley:


Yeah of course that would be a really good idea!


This would ruin the point of die on exit, wouldn’t it?


Wait ill change it to before leaving…


Maybe, but some people dont look at the settings when they join the world. This being said, they don’t know they will loose everything on exit.


Actually, to safeguard new players who join these servers, this notification should occur upon entry into the server for the first time. It’s kind of too late for players to tell them once they need to leave.


This would be helpful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently clicked off in a situation like this. And to solve the whole ‘point defeated’ issue, an owner should be able to choose whether the pop up occurs or not.