Differences Between Mac Servers And The Cloud


So, a lotta ppl have been thinking that Mac servers are run by majicDave and that they sometimes aren’t joinable just because he made The Blockheads. But this is not true.

Mac Servers

Mac servers are totally different from Cloud servers

  • Dave doesn’t operate Mac servers, the owner of the Mac itself does.
  • Mac servers don’t need credit. So Dave doesn’t get any money from Mac servers, only money from the cloud.
  • Mac servers don’t have an owner portal. Only Cloud ones do. But @wingysam is working on one for his operating Mac servers!
  • You cannot join Mac Servers by pressing Random search, only the IP and port.
  • Mac servers can hold up to 32 players. This can be adjustable.
  • Mac servers cannot be made in The Blockheads. They can in the Server App, which is only available on Mac.
  • Mac servers do not have super mods or “Mac ban”. This makes possible to make a Mac server for cloudbanned people

Cloud Servers

  • Cloud Servers are run by majicDave, which does cost him money.
  • Dave gets a lot more money from Cloud Servers than Mac, because those cost real life money to add credit, but Mac servers don’t need credit.
  • Cloud servers do cost credit, and it’s actually pretty cheap!
  • Cloud Servers can only hold up to 16 players. This is not adjustable.
  • Chat in Cloud Servers do reset when all players leave, while Mac servers don’t reset when all players leave.
  • You can’t join a cloud server by entering an IP and Port, that’d be silly, kinda.
  • Unlike their Mac counterpart, cloud servers do have super mods and cloud ban, so you better behave!

I hope this guide has helped you, and bye!


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more reasons Mac is better.


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  • Mac servers do not have super mods or “Mac ban”. This makes possible to make a Mac server for cloudbanned people.
  • Unlike their Mac counterpart, cloud servers DO have super mods and cloud ban, so you better behave!


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A few more items:

/stop on a Mac server will stop the server app, but not restart it.

Mac servers are not tied to your cloud account. You can join a Mac server with any name, so long as the name hasn’t been used on that server. Duplicate IPs are still detectable though.

Because Mac servers dont rely on cloud accounts, the /reset-owner command still functions. For those not familiar, this command allows any owner or admin to ‘commandeer’ an account, and enter the server as that player. Great for checking inventories and the like. The one caveat is that because portal chests ARE tied to cloud accounts, you cannot see what someone else has in their portal chest. It would show the owner/admins inventory instead.

Also, while its true that ther is no ‘owner portal’ for a Mac server per se, a Mac owner still has access to everything in an owner portal. The server log is simply part of the Mac’s console log. Filtering that log with, say, the name of the server gives you a bona fide server log. However, the console log clears itself every 24 hours, so if you wanted to save a log from day to day, you have to set up a script. Chat, adminlists etc, are all part of the server app, as are any reports by players.


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I don’t understand why and how mac servers exist? Who created them? How do they work? Is this an intended feature? Why are they so much different from cloud servers? Why can’t they have their own versions of random joining and supermods?


Mac worlds make absolutely no money for Majic Jungle. The server app is free, and has no ads.


Mac servers have existed since multiplayer was introduced in ver 1.3. Dave created the Blockheads Server App alongside the Blockserver which Zhaus ran. It is very much an intended feature. When Dave does a bhs update, he updates the server app as well.

They’re diferent from cloud servers because all the files needed to run the server are stored on the Mac itself. Functions such as the number of current players, random joining, supermods, etc are all done server side in the cloud. There is simply no way for the Blockheads app to query an individual computer to determine if the server is online and available to join (for the random thing), or how many players are currently on the server.