Different animal foods


I have been thinking, what if different foods increase different stats in animals? The main one was increasing the birth rate. In case you have a valuable dodo or are impatient, you can feed them a certain food and it will increase the rate at which they lay eggs. Same goes for donkeys and unicorns. Maybe for yaks there could be one that increases the rate at which their milk regenerates or fur grows back. I think the food should be named {name of the animal and what the effect should be} kibble. For example, Dodo increased egg laying speed kibble (the name needs work I know.) the kibble would be crafted in an oven. Maybe a new bench called zookeepers bench? Tell me what you guys think in the comments!


I don’t think it requires a new bench, however the idea of animal foods is good. Maybe use preexisting items as food instead of kibble?


That was another thought of mine. For example, feeding an iron dodo a gold block would increase the chance of it laying a gold egg or something. How about Dave adds a margarita made from mangos, cherries, limes, water, and a cup. It would increase the birth rate of whatever animal it was fed to :rofl:


I like kibble better.


You mean, you want Dave to add alcohol to the game?
And then feeding it to animals?
That’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard of.


Glad you like it! :rofl: