Different colors

Can we have different colors, for the wm. Like for example, a lighter shade of purple for font.

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The wm uses HTML, so you can use many different colors with this code.

Put this at the top of your wm (or in front of where you want the color to start)
<font color="E0B0FF">
Then put this at the end of the wm (or where you want the color to end)

The color won’t show up in the forums, but this code is a light purple I thought you might like.

If you don’t like that color, here’s a link with more HTML font color codes:

Just replace “E0B0FF” with the color code you want.


I’m guessing you want some interactive UI instead of using HTML to edit the welcome message and I do admit that it is hard to imagine a very complex welcome message and having a UI that would help you with the WM would make a very desirable and creative WM

Thank you

Moved to questions, since requested option is already there :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t the forum support HTML?

¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯ All I know is that the code for the color didn’t show up in the forum’s preview box, but when I put it in a welcome message, it worked fine.

Likewise, I tried to use the forum’s summary code on a wm and couldn’t get it to work, so I had to look up a different HTML code online.

I’m sure someone out there knows exactly why that is - I, myself, don’t know. I just try things out until I get some kind of result…good or bad :sweat_smile:

BBcode shouldn’t work in the WM. BBcode is specific to web apps that support it, such as Discourse. The WM is more like the browser you use to visit the forums, rather than the forums themselves.

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Does it have to have the “[insert color here]”? Aka quotation marks

I think so.
Did you try it?

Not yet. I just wanted to ask before doing it.

There are 16 million colors to choose from! If you google color picker it should have a built in color picker :smiley:

You can use <span style="color: #aaaaaa;">the text you want to be colored</span>. Just replace the #aaaaaa with the color that the picker gives you.

Don’t use <font>. It’s deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Ninja edit: Oops, didn’t realize this thread is from 5 months ago, still should be useful for anyone reading this with the same question.