Digging Dirt and Building a base! Blockheads April Advent Calendar (Day 8)

It’s Wednesday, my dudes.

I want to build a new house. Specifically a nice dreamy Japanese shrine house.

So, as you may or may not know, I have a secret base all the way at the top of my farm, and it’s where I store all my stuff.

Ah, this place looks like a nice place to build my base.

So what I did, I cleared out the area and I cut all the trees. Leaving all the drop bears homeless and roam the grounds with little to no hope, in need of finding a new tree. This is why deforestation is bad people, think about the drop bears :cry:

I don’t want to build my house in this awful dirt, so I’d like to place down a ground full of compost, in order to make a more colorful area to plant down cherry trees and tulips. Lucky for me I planted so much flax in the previous thread, enough to craft so much compost.

Hey look at that, I finally removed all the dirt!

Never mind, there’s still some…

After countless hours of digging, I have finally flattened out the area where I want to build my base.


So, I have sorted my chests, and gathered all the resources that I had, and improvised a way to build a house out of black sand, limestone, wood, and stone


So, there we go! My house so far. A bit of an improvement from the previous base, and this is where I’m gonna be living from now on. But as you can see, my house is incomplete.

Look at it now! :slight_smile:

We’re gonna paint this tomorrow



That building reminds me of an image I saw on Bing. Anyways, your new base looks great! :cheerful:

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You actually like drop bears?
(Insert depression here)